Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

Development vs environment is not two different things. First, it does not just fulfill our basic necessities but also advances our lives. Further, it makes our life easy, has the potential to save our time and money. in addition shorts out all human problems.


Moreover to achieve this in every direction, accessible and available for whole human beings. also creates simplicity in our lives. coupled with saving our time and energies is fundamental to this. While Medicinal development increased our life expectancy. Because of this, we are able to live more years. Since Technology also comes under this, it reduces our time and helps us do more in less. it helps in traveling too. we can go and come anywhere in less time. in addition, rockets help to go to the other planets too.

Also, satellites help to communicate. share our data. Share our information, anywhere anytime. Because of this, we were able to go to the moon. equally, an important Computer helps to store data more. it enables the extraction of very old data too.

Also, agriculture is the basic necessity for these desired goals of ending hunger. The present generation depends on agriculture to fulfilling their basic necessity. More agricultural land more technologies more skilled labor means less global poverty.

Agricultural development erases poverty. Also Fertilizers and the green revolution help self-reliable. We have more stocks of grains too. because of this, we are able to meet global hunger.

Environment and development, two poles like earth run opposite in direction.

Due to economic measures and technological development. In addition, Monitoring and review of the implementation of various programs or activities are very crucial steps and means for this achievable goal. henceforth It is only possible through the way. that is sometimes we neglect and ignore issues related to the environment. We r able to do more with less. We can say, we r self-reliable.

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