Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

Important NCERTs for UPSC, and how to make notes from it.

NCERTs from 6th to 12th should be read thoroughly. Then underline and star mark what is important. Now In 2nd reading, will take a look only at the underlined and marked points. But what is in your hand now please note down. write down all from 9th to 12th. you can quit 6th to 8th NCERTs. points to remember. 1st syllabus and previous year’s questions are the first elements of the resource list. 2nd less is more-keep your resources relevant and limited. Also, build your answer writing skills. Basic guidelines like, use a4-sized blank sheets. go absolutely rough-no complete sentences, grammar, neat handwriting. be precise-use short forms, symbols, points, flow diagrams, tables. always make common notes for prelims and mains.

Two sets of notes, one before prelims and another one after prelims. But add value-added material and current happenings to your notes. Means always plus your notes. no full sentences, not the best handwriting. Go absolute rough. Use diagrams, maps, charts, symbols, flow diagrams, and short forms. Before mains first read the notes that you have prepared and make another one using new pages. Now final notes for your main exam are ready. which must be up to the point, involving only keywords. use your notes always to give tests and solve model answers. With its help develop your answer writing skills.

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