Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

syllabus and topics, elements of success.

SYLLABUS and topics are the first elements of the resource list. NCERTs are very very important. The syllabus and the previous year’s questions should be the key elements of your preparation. you can extract the syllabus and topics from Rajaram and Ravi’s official websites. once you have written down the syllabus and the topics start blindly. because fixed and relevant study material is equally important. Go with the previous year’s questions. Then helps in identifying important topics. keep resources relevant. keep very limited and fixed. Then a fixed monotonous routine for your preparation is required. Otherwise, we may change as per our suit. Give tests too for self-evolution. Maintain a rhythm. The most important habit you need to develop is every day 15 hrs of reading then you are in fight mode. whenever you need just ask and queries to google. always keep continuous and consistent with your preparation.

Develop answer writing skills. do not ever skip newspapers. Though make a timetable and follow it judiciously. Like not writing answers and tests periodically. Even keep mains- ready before prelims now whenever you are getting bored. Like, say Rome was not built in a single day. for this, I am going to sacrifice my luxuries and comfort. this is my dream going to come true. always keep busy yourself with your work, your preparation, to your study. Anyway if you want a long motivation then it should come from within. No starting without a proper strategy and vision. and finally. less is more. NCERTs then standard then advanced and finally value addition material. every day add some extra. keep focus and stick to your goals. no matter what is going to happen. you just keep focus to your preparation. please do not skip or deviate.

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