Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

UPSC or civil service exams. In this regard, I will not speak in detail. only some important information I will highlight. so without delay let us move.

First, visit UPSC’s official website and pen down all the syllabus and the topics. You can also extract it from Vajiram and Ravi’s official websites. Also, take look at the previous year’s paper which will give you a sense of questions. Arrange daily physical paper to your door. Choose one optional in which you are interested. give more time to your optional. Read all the NCERTs from 6th to 12th. Then some standards and then advanced books too. Eg., say polity m Laxmikant. do not wander. just pick up two or three and extract one from it. you can take some ideas from videos by Akshat bhaiya. Also with the Kanishka bhaiya video, you find the sense and ideas of books.

Now We All Know That These Days Are A Competitive Era. Chasing UPSC. then Sacrifice Nights, Friends, Emotions. To Crack It One Has To Be A Hard Worker And Very Smart. it’s not about studying 6 to 7hrs one day and skipping another day. all this is about a monotonous routine followed every single day. it’s not putting all effort into one day and then another day getting bored. stress to preparing notes. then attempting tests. all integrated. the newspaper. then standard books. then tests. give an answer to your test by your own noes. All are equally important. Always systematic and rhythmic. please do not think anything while you are preparing for it. do not divide your preparation towards pre and mains, keep integrated. if you are fresher or started your journey. prepare in a fight mode. please do not mind for anything than UPSC.

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